Self-evaluation tool


Every person, undergoing self- evaluation has to provide also self-rating, by concluding what level he or she is appropriate in concrete competency – basic, intermediate or high and more as well as there is one column, for individual to mark possible comments about the development needed in concrete area.

1 – I know about counselling techniques used in different settings and with various groups and individuals, especially concerning methods of supervision and mediation in the counselling process
2 – I know the self application methodologies (curriculum vitae, motivation and cover letters)
3 – I know assessment methods and procedures in order to evaluate prior experience, learning needs, demands, motivations and learners’ wishes
4 – I know about the non-verbal part of communication (e.g. facial expressions, speech patterns, gestures, body language, proxemics, posture, appearance, habitus, respiration and body reactions)
5 – I know about 'Active Listening' communication techniques